Join your friends and neighbors supporting Kathy!

Community Leaders
The Honorable David Cohen, former Mayor
Josephine McNeil, Retired Executive Director, CAN-DO
Jake Auchincloss, City Councilor

Jay Harney, City Councilor
Marc Laredo, City Councilor and former School Committee member
Rick Lipof, City Councilor
Emily Norton, City Councilor
John Rice, City Councilor
Allan Ciccone, former City Councilor
John Stewart, former City Councilor
Margaret Albright, School Committee Member
Ellen Gibson, School Committee member
Matt Hills, School Committee member
Steve Siegel, School Committee member
Jim Mnookin, former School Committee Member
Meredith Andrews, former Underwood PTO President
Nate Gibson, former Underwood PTO President
Laura Holt, Former PTO Council President
Peter Roby, former Underwood PTO President

Community Supporters
Karen Allschwang
Josephine Frangolini Aref
Frank Aronson
Dominique and Mitri Astier
Saadia Husain Balooch
Corinne Beatrice
Eleanor Beatrice
Marnie Bolstad
Meredith Bryan
David Bunis
Nanci Ginty Butler
Jean Chadbourne
Alison Costello
Sharon and Chuck Diamond
Elissa Fenster
Steve and Rosita Fine
Rob and Charlene Finkel
Jo Forman
Laurie Forster
Nanette and Jose Fridman
Jenny Gamson
Virginia “Ginny” Gardner
Ande Gibson
Daniel Gibson
Marian and Arthur Glasgow
David and Melissa Goldstone
Susan Goorvich and Martin Paley
Ellen Cohen and Dan Haber
Lisa Hills
Jennifer Huntington
Katja Hamler
Margaret and Drew Hannah
Tara and Ashky Hedvat
Peter Hermann
Matthew Hoffman

Eileen and Dave Ingham
Dylan Kelley
Marie Keyes
Alice and Van Lanckton
Steve Lerman
Amy Less
Michele Levy
thie Lyons and Kevin Dunckel
Joan Mael
Danny and Lynn Mandeau

Tracy Matthews
Corie Mieth

Eric and Meryl Miller
David Noymer and Sandy Puritz
Janet Porcaro
Sarah Perry
Amy McGregor-Radin
Deb Reich
Stuart Sadick and James Bryant
Ellen and Steve Segal
Kathy Shields
Michelle Silberman and Clark Hubbard
Abby and Nelson Stacks
Natalie Surmeli
Paul and Monica Sullivan
Martha Sweet and David Herlihy
Dwayne B. Thomas, PhD and Nadine Thomas
Sue Tresca
Laurie Utstein