Virginia “Ginny” Gardner Letter to the Editor Supporting Kathy Marchi

Kathy and Ginny Gardner

To the Editor:

Please join me in voting for Kathy Marchi for School Committee from Ward 1.  This is a city-wide election so all Newton voters can vote for Kathy.  Next year more than half of the School Committee will be new.  Kathy has a long track record of rolling up her sleeves and working in the trenches to help families gain access to affordable afterschool care, students with disabilities, and young people in an addiction or mental health crisis.

When I first met Kathy, I was immediately impressed with the breadth and depth of her experience throughout Newton, in our schools, and at a variety of nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing support for families and children.  Kathy is committed to working for underserved and disadvantaged students.  Her passion for and dedication to special education not only includes her personal experience as a parent in Newton, it also includes her professional experience as Director of Development for the Genesis Fund where she worked to support children with physical and intellectual disabilities.  As a School Committee member, she will keep focused on the district’s serious need for improved facilities for students who receive special education services outside of the traditional classroom.  These are among our most vulnerable learners and their classroom learning environment, along with breadth of programming, is critical to their success.

Kathy’s commitment to educating the whole child and supporting all learners shows in her priorities: maintaining social emotional learning, ensuring the district adopts full day kindergarten, and equitable and affordable afterschool care for all families. She has a proved track record of working for students and families in need and will be a great addition to the School Committee.

Please join me in voting for Kathy Marchi for School Committee from Ward 1.

Virginia “Ginny” Gardner